Hi, we're Madalyn and Lauren—and, yes, we're twins! Having lived together from childhood through college, we've cooked (and burnt) a lot of things together. By now, we've dialed in our culinary skills and enjoy experimenting in the kitchen until we hit that next awesome recipe that we’re just have to share.

Growing up in an Italian family and having a mother who cooked every meal, we learned the art and goodness or simplicity. We watched, we listened and we definitely tasted. We found that using fresh foods, minimal ingredients and easy preparations are the secrets to eating healthy every day.

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Through our life experiences, we’ve seen what eating clean means does for our bodies. But, we know there’s not just one way to eat healthy. Enters Off the Beaten Plate. A place where we share clean recipes that are simple enough to make as your own. There isn’t one path to health and it certainly is not discovered by following someone else’s. Just look at us. Madalyn feels best on a Paleo-based diet (strictly gluten and dairy free), whereas Lauren balances her diet with dairy and gluten, a little here and there. Different, but it’s how we each feel our best.

Whether you want to clean up your diet to feel better or find a healthy lifestyle that’s exciting and sustainable, you’ll find recipes that are 100% healthy and that help you feel your best.


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I’m the youngest of 3 sisters, but only 4 minutes shy of Lauren. As a full-time Marketing Content Strategist/Copywriter I naturally write most of the content for Off the Beeten Plate. Besides writing, I found a love for food photography, and I also enjoy a good boxing session, hiking and horseback riding. You’d also find me teaching Tae Bo fitness on Thursday nights!

I was inspired to create Off the Beeten Plate when I was facing health issues that left me tired and sick for years. I was placed on almost every diet under the sun, which labeled food as “bad” or "good". But through all of this I learned a lot. The hardest part of my journey was not knowing what to eat and trying to replace the things I once loved with processed substitutes. It became my mission to provide a resource for others to find recipes made with healthy, whole ingredients so that people don’t have to worry about dieting. Eating real food takes care of it all! This is how I started to heal—eating real foods and focusing on my health holistically.

I feel best on a Paleo-based diet where I enjoy eating and experimenting with foods that I love. You’d find me in the kitchen throwing together dinner with my hubby, while our cat, Zoey, begs for a taste. (Sometimes there is a holdup on dinner—I just have to get the perfect shot, ya know? ;)


As you gathered from the left, I'm the older and wiser twin by 4 minutes. Since I'm a full-time art director, with a background in graphic design, I gravitate towards assisting with the visual elements on Off the Beeten. In my opinion, the fun stuff! It was only natural that we eventually came together—a copy writer/nutrition enthusiast and a designer who loves food.

Unlike Madalyn, I can pretty much eat anything. Though, I look for tasty things that are healthy and good for my body. During the years my sister was struggling with food sensitivities the most, I always stayed right by her side. I listened in as she discovered nutrition tips and new healthy hacks. And yes, I even “agreed” to taste test Paleo recipes and gluten-free dishes! I tried everything with her. Now living separate from Madalyn, I still reach for healthy recipes. This is a true testament to how whole food helps you feel your best no matter your diet.

Besides designing both on the job and outside of work, I enjoy trying my hand in calligraphy, practicing yoga poses, hiking up a mountain, and photographing my two adorable British Shorthair cats until they’ve had enough and run away.