Simple Dairy-Free Frittata


This year my sister, Lauren, and I decided to hit the kitchen for our birthday. You may have already seen some creations we made during the Farmer’s Market cooking class on Instagram, but we’ll share some more and an exciting update to Off the Beeten Plate below.

The way the chef planned our dishes for class was just our style: 1) Shop for seasonal ingredients 2) Get recipe inspiration from the ingredients and come up with a dish as you go! A mushroom frittata was one of the many dishes we made in class, which reminded us of our favorite ways to prepare eggs—Dad’s frittata! A recipe passed down from our Italian grandmother.

Simple Dairy-Free Fritatta

It’s creamy, buttery and simple. We love it best with just salt, pepper and herbs. It’s typically made with butter, but now we make it with olive oil or vegan butter. However, if you can tolerate it, this is one recipe that is worth a little butter or ghee!

Simple Dairy-free Frittata

After perusing all of the colorful varieties of fruits and vegetables at a Berkeley farmer’s market, here are just some amazing dishes we made in the class!

Update: A new face on Off the Beeten Plate!

You may have already have seen my name, Madalyn, paired with Off the Beeten Plate, but you may be less familiar with the another creative behind the scenes. My sister, Lauren…


She’s the graphic designer and co-recipe developer of Off the Beeten Plate. You know that cute logo? Yep, that’s her creation! And she also designed our new Healthy Swaps guide with her savvy illustration skills, which you can get it for free when you subscribe to our mailing list!

Although she’s always contributed her artistic skills behind the scenes, you will start to see her a lot more as we create more exciting things to come in the new year, so stay tuned! Want to know more about Lauren? Click, here.